Togo and Liberia



Recent commissions by TRUE Africa have seen me to travel to Togo and Liberia to document famous African men returning to the homeland to inspire and launch there own initiatives. Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor's (SEA Foundation) and singer / songwriter Akon's (Akon Lighting Africa).


'The SEA Foundation aims to fund and support youth projects in his homeland Togo. It is about finding the next generation of entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians and artists, helping young people fulfil their potential wherever their talents lie'

Whilst in Togo we caught up with Nigerian superstar musician 'Wizkid' who played at the SEA foundations awareness concert in Lome. During this weekend Togo beat Liberia 2-1 in a 2016 African Cup Of Nations qualifier. Captain Adebayor scoring the winning goal.


Akon was in Liberia with 'Akon Lighting Africa. 'His initiative aims to develop innovative solar powered solutions, that will provide African villages with access to clean and affordable sources of electricity'

'Monrovia is a vibrant city in a country that in recent times has dealt with civll war, corruption, and Ebola. In these times of change, young people have found new role models and new inspiration and look forward to a positive future ahead.

The MC's, producers, and artists from Liberia's 'HiPCO' scene are not afraid to challenge the system and the government.

This series of images aim to convey the spirit and heart of the people of Togo and Liberia.

I won the 2016 PDN Music Award for a selection of images of the Togolese fans at the Wizkid concert.