On the street's of Vietnam the Monobloc table and chair are an integral part of the landscape. Each morning the street vendors lay them out in new formations. They serve the Vietnamese workers, friends and lovers.

I photographed the Monobloc's as i found them. They reminded me of working, functioning, transitory installations. I was interested in the absence of people, that brief moment between the furniture being used. In this moment the different pieces of furniture seem to take on their own character.   

 Monobloc was photographed between 2014-15   



With Untitled I was interested in more ambiguous moments... 

....that moment in-between......something happening,

....the gaps.....between thoughts,

....Quiet moments of contemplation…

....Amongst the noise of living. 

Untitled was photographed between 2009-15


Variations of translations of Sống from Vietnamese to English:

Sống - Raw / live / be living / be alive / To be born, live then die

Sống chết Life and death

Sống còn - Exist

Bức tranh Sống - A vivid picture, a life like picture

Vietnam is defined by its street culture, it has its own rhythm and pace, a vibrant never kaleidoscope of beauty, energy and chaos - where life's dramas are played out.

Sống was photographed between 2014-15