In September 2015, myself and my family returned to England, settling in South East London. We had been living in Vietnam for the past six years, where my children were born. 

Time away from London has afforded me a fresh perspective of a familiar but now, slightly foreign surroundings. One of the first things i noticed on returning, was the debris littering the streets. Since then i have been documenting these objects in my neighbourhood, during the school run, on the way to the shops and while my kids played in the park. I treat the objects like pieces of evidence, they are not moved and are photographed as i find them, at close range, magnified, isolating them so they can be studied.

Through piecing together these fragments, these marks, this residue, 'Trace' explores our daily interaction with our environment - our footprint. They reflect back an image of ourselves through the things we discard or leave behind.