Project KIN


Is this your KIN?

Little is known of Vietnam other than through the lens of a long gone war. All of these photographs were bought in markets and antique shops in Saigon where myself and my wife (Julia Massey) lived and worked from 2009 - 2015.

What continues to intrigue us about these photos is their portrayal of a time in Vietnamese history (1950-1970s) that few people know about.

This was a time of relative calm, affluence and well-being, when people holidayed, went to weddings and went to have their portrait taken at the local photographer's studio.
We are curious to learn more about the circumstances of how they became estranged and the history behind the individuals in them.
To this end, Project KIN aims to re-unite Vietnamese families living around the globe with their family photographs.

Through the use of social media we aim to return these personal artefacts to their rightful owners.

If you recognise anyone in these photos or think you might know something about their origin, contact us at